Karen works with leaders who wish to increase their interpersonal effectiveness, who are in the midst of economic shifts in their businesses, and those who are in transition.

Guiding Principles

  • The brain is malleable. People can change in ways that may believe is impossible. Adopting a learning mindset can be the springboard for achievement.

  • The mind and body are interconnected.  Paying attention to your presence is a critical leadership tool.  Presence is how and what you communicate verbally and physically.  

  • Self awareness is the first step.  The coaching process provides insights which illuminate strengths and areas for development.  By building strength and strategically focusing on weaker areas, leaders can increase emotional intelligence and their span of influence.



Karen gives presentations and consults on professional presence. Her background in leadership and Fashion makes her uniquely qualified to help leaders make strong first-impressions, brand themselves and most effectively influence others.  

Making small modifications to appearance including posture, clothing and comportment can create more powerful and lasting impressions.

Your body language and appearance can influence how you think, feel, and how others see you. Your physical presence should align with where you are heading and project quality, purpose, confidence and personal power.


Karen works with teams using MBTI and other tools to build high functioning teams. She helps teams deepen communication, understanding of diverse work styles and effectively accomplish strategic objectives.